Friday, May 16, 2008

Ordination Quilt

This week I have been working on creating this quilt for my friend Kris who is being ordained to the diaconate tomorrow. There are close ups of the quilting on my webshots
I love watercolor quilts, they are such "eye candy" for me and a very satisfying artistic process. I must have made nearly 20 similar to this for special occasions, birthdays, graduation etc, but most are a little smaller. I try to take pictures of all of my quilts but sometimes I just forget so my portfolio is incomplete.
The pink bargello awaits binding still, I want to do a piped binding as I did on this quilt, Monday I hope to report the bargello completion. Then it's back to the longarm to quilt the kingsize Kaffe Fasset and a Storm at Sea that is all batiks including the backing. Batiks can be a PITA on the LA causing skipped stitches especially when the backing is also batik so I am hoping this one will not be a problem as I need to get both finished before we leave for Colorado for about 6 weeks. One of the most recent QOV's was batiks and I had a lot of broken thread issues but that was during the timing /missing screw period so perhaps that contributed.I still haven't done step 4 of the OC mystery and the next clue is about due. I may not catch up until after we go to CO. -our guild up there meets Wednesdays at a church in Montrose to sew on projects of our own choosing, a weekly mini retreat that can be very productive with no family interruptions.Time for a cuppa then off to bed- I found a wonderful tea shop nearby called Souvia that has an exotic & wide selection of teas of every flavor & style, green tea, black tea white tea & Rooibus which is a decaffeinated herbal tea.We need to be at the church around 9 so I need to get cracking if I'm to get my beauty sleep!


Lindah said...

A beautiful quilt, Roslyn! The backlighting is so effective.

Anonymous said...

Ros - beautiful as ever! I'm glad I found your blog.

Anonymous said...

Ros - should have told you - this is Shirley Hobbs! :)

Ribbonwiz said...

this is so beautiful Roslyn,
I too love colourwash quilts.
Thank you for your comment.