Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kaffe Fasset quilted & ordination pics

This evening I finished quilting the Kaffe Fasset. I thought that I would never finish the floral border, big mistake in my quilting design choice I should have done the same all over design ,as in the middle or a simple panto because with such a busy multi colored floral you can't see the thread so you don't know where you have been or what you have just done! I had chosen a variegated thread & didn't like the effect so I frogged then I had tension issues so I frogged some more, can't stand those railroad tracks & eyelashes! I think I need new tension disks for the bobbin case so I must order a few & some tension springs to have on hand. The black borders in this quilt went quite easily as did the Baby Butt feathers [as Nichole Webb calls them] in the main body of the quilt, but that floral border became tedious after the first side. I hope that Leslie doesn't hate it, I think it will look well on their bed but it's certainly not my favorite work. In spite of Leslie's meticulous cutting & piecing & reworking, there was still some fullness in places which was not too difficult to quilt out but I did spritz the more obvious areas with water then applied the hot hair dryer- that seems to take out a lot of poufiness but of course one must be sure of color fastness before attempting this. I can still see a few areas that aren't as flat as I'd like but probably not noticeable to others.
Here are a couple of photos from Kris's ordination-I love the one of her with Bishop Sandy Greene. Guess I need to get a couple of hours sleep-we are leaving early for the drive to CO. tomorrow-I have a tough time deciding what to pack of all my quilty stuff when we will be away for some weeks. I know that I need to get caught up on the OC Mystery, Bonnie posted step#5 today & I have yet to begin on step#4! I wouldn't want to run short of a project or the necessary fabric & the nearest QS to us in CO. is about 2 hours drive so I would probably order online. Thousand Bolts has a big Memorial Day sale ......I will probably need to get a few little bits & pieces......


Lindah said...

Hi -- The KF turned out very nicely. I can empathize with "not knowing where you've been," etc. I'm trying to remember not to match too closely to the fabric. All those exotic KF prints should blend the oops nicely.
Have a lovely vacation!
My damaged arm is not recuperating quickly enough to suit me--I'm going to take it to the dr this week. I miss my sewing machine!

Anonymous said...

Hi.. Love your KF quilt very much and have enjoyed reading your blog once again.