Sunday, December 7, 2014

Grand Illusion Clue Two, My Option!

 I had a few enquiries about the strip method for Clue Two and directions were requested.
Miss Bonnie does not mind if we use a different method but she does request that we not post comments about it on any of the Quiltville sites, it causes mass confusion among the MQ participants!
Bonnie is extremely generous and gracious to the quilting world so please honor her wishes and do not chat about it on her websites.
As stated in my previous post, when I decided to use this method I scouted around the internet to see if anyone else had the same idea and found one quilter who had already experimented successfully with stripping, but when I went looking for her blog to link back to her I could not find it no way no how, so I am hoping she responds to my comment so I can give her credit!
 Our strip measurements were almost identical, 1/16 of an inch different for the neutral strip, I went with the full 2" and my blocks are great.
That said here is what I did.
I cut the neutrals strips at 2"
The black and pink strips at 2.25", all WOF.
 Strips cut ready to sew
 Lined up at 45 degrees for the first 2.5" cut
Continue cutting at 2.5" intervals, being careful to make sure you stay on the 45 degree angle.
WOF strips gave me enough sets for five blocks
Carefully trim off top and bottom….. 
to leave the block at 2.5" x 4.5"
 Two partial blocks ready to combine
I use just one pin….
right at the intersection here
I am content with it, although it is still not a very speedy process because I had to cut and sew so carefully to get the correct size and matching seams. However, I will not stress if a few are not perfect because it will never show in the big scale of things!
 Here are my five blocks all sewn and correct at 4.5" square. One of the possible drawbacks of this method is that there may not be quite as wide a range of scrappiness which does not disturb me personally, it is outweighed by the the advantages of simplicity.
Here are the end cuts-I think I could do better if I staggered the three strips, I doubt it would be enough to cut two more probably only one but I might try it anyway next set, then even if they were odd they would be more useable, possibly in the backing.  If this seems like too much left over for you then perhaps one of Bonnie's "no waste" methods may be a better choice.
Let me know if you try this, I hope it will work for you. as well as it did for me.


Andee said...

I know Bonnie removed one lady s directions because she had no quarter inch seam allowance and so the points are lost. Yours look right to me,II have another 50 to make. I am in no hurry to get back to the buggers!

Bj said...

Thank You Roslyn! I made a sample last night, cut my sample Black/Pink Strips 2", cut my neutral strip 1 7/8", cut them on a 45 degree angle into 2 1/2" pieces and then used my Flying Geese Ruler to cut off the points. Sewed them together and they matched up perfectly, now to use the Small Red Rose/Black on Black Paisley Print, Fingers Crossed it works again :)