Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Lights

We took The Boy to see the Christmas lights, driving around some homes I had spotted and a few that were listed online as worth seeing.
As last year, The Boy loved the lights, "more pretty lights Grandnanna?"
especially those with moving parts!

Some required deep thought……….
I always wonder what is going through that very busy, complex and clever  mind!

I heard a few "don't touch you might break it" warnings from him! 
There was so much labor and expense required for construction of many of these displays, a generous offering to the rest of us who decorate very simply 
He loved his moving gifts, these penguins have fascinated him for weeks in the toy store at the mall.
 The talking airplane book was a hit, he took that to the sushi bar when they went to eat!
  Another toy that absorbed him at the mall………...
 There is a lot more to the tracks, they can go back & forth, make a figure eight etc
 Merry Christmas!

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Andee said...

He is growing up fast! Looks like he had a very merry Christmas!