Friday, November 14, 2008

A quilt & a comforter

More on progress this week on the quilting front, a QS top quilted & also a comforter. The quilt goes back to the owner in N.CA. who actually sent me 4 tops to quilt but the second of the two boxes took two weeks to get from northern CA to Phx. AZ-two day priority mail, LOL, & both boxes were sent from the same place at the same time! We are just thankful they have finally arrived safely- I was so relieved but not half as thankful as the owner after all her hard work.

I used a variegated thread on this quilt & a leafy design that I think compliments the quilt nicely.

The comforter is all finished & on the guest bed & today I finished a household UFO, a shower curtain ensemble for a guest bathroom, sewing on my new set up oh what a joy!

Tomorrow after church DH will help me to cut the cornice board & cover & install it in the shower. I will then be free to get another of the waiting quilt tops onto the LA.
Friday evening oldest DS & DIL came for dinner after work-I had their two little Yorkies for a play day with Button, the dogs all have a grand time together, they love the two plus mile walk in the park & playing in the backyard. Because of the rattlesnakes, eagles, hawks & coyotes out where DS lives the little dogs cannot be allowed free rein in their yard so it's a treat for them to be in & out at will all day. Jake was bitten by a rattler a couple of years ago & that was a very dangerous situation especially for such a tiny animal. Our small yard has the high block fence & is about as secure as it could be for the little 5 pounders!


sweetnstacked72 said...

very pretty quilting, I enjoyed looking at your blog. Happy Stitching, Amy

Diane said...

Hi Ros, thanks for stopping by your name is in the hat!! Loved your quilts, very good work. I like to see other peoples quilts, reminds me of what I cant do!Catch up with you later...X