Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ch. Maybush Red Radiant Knight "Nova"

Warning! This post is heavily dog related so if you are not a dog lover you may not find it too interesting, LOL.
We flew to Siren WI. to get our lovely new four legged friend. She seemed to take to us the very first night making herself at home with DH.
 A few pics of some of the twelve Aussies.
 Awaiting a treat from mom Theresa as she prepped our cheese selection.
And this is the delicious tasting we had from a local cheese artisan. The sausage too is locally produced it was delicious
Along with a WI beer only available there, from Gluaris, a Chocolate Porter. We brought home a suitcase filled with a wide selection from this brewery, for our son the beer aficionado.
 That's me taking a picture of the snow that came in while we were there!
My beautiful Nova girl!
The morning of our departure from WI.
And at MSP airport.
Now in her "forever" home, making herself comfy on my visiting brother's lap!
 Getting to know Matthew
She is already a quilting dog, follows me like a shadow and finds something quilty to lay on!
 Exploring in our development, lots of different smells here in the city, so different to the farm.
I told Theresa, "I am taking something of yours, and leaving something of mine" a quilt to brighten their days and warm them this chilly season.


Angela Neff said...

I love Nova already!

Tom Blasdell said...

Hello I was jumping around and found this page I liked alot of the stuff I seen on it. I hope it's ok to put stuff here. I am just a guy doing some heeling from a bad horse wreck at national finals in 2016.i have had to relearn right left and walk kinda run but am blessed to have alot of help from our lord I thank him everyday. Darn it I don't remember if I did my name is Tom

Tom Blasdell said...

I see I messed up some Shannon is my wife and I love her very much. Before I got hurt was a stockdog trainer for several people and ranchers I pray to get back to that.