Monday, September 10, 2018

On Ringon Lake-In Packer Colors!

This is Angela's Ringon Lake version in her favorite team colors! This lady has to be the premiere Packer fan, though I saw a few kids at church Sunday in their Packer shirts- in Cardinal country! But we are a peaceable lot at St. Mark Lutheran so no harm was done, LOL.
 The last Packer quilt I did had Packer cheers written around the sashing and Angela requested it again. Too late I thought how I might have made it easier by using the embroidery machine before loading the top on the longarm-I will remember that next time and I have no doubt Angela is not done with Packer quilts!
I quilted a freehand swirl, rather like a rounded paisley. Bonnie Hunter quilts have so many little pieces I believe they are best quilted freehand so I can stitch over every possible little piece possible.
 It's also true that they are very busy quilts and full custom quilting would be wasted.
The batting is Quilter's Dream and the thread a deep gold color. The backing is pieced mostly the green above and the Packer helmet fabric.

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Angela Neff said...

It looks fabulous! Hopefully we can get together next weekend to trade money for quilts! I am up for sushi again if you are!