Sunday, June 3, 2018

Magnolia market

I doubt there are many in the USA who do not know of the HGTV show "Fixer Upper" and the empire that Chip and Joanna Gaines have built in Waco Texas.
 We took a break from sewing in the middle of our "quilt retreat" week and drove over to Waco from Round Rock. I was shocked at both the crowds on a weekday and the size of this project. The Market itself is huge but really not much different in merchandize than a Hobby Lobby, I would estimate over 90% of the goods made in China, one little apothecary jar I saw from France and a few from other countries like Thailand and India. The only items made in USA that I saw were the signs made by local artists, expensive and way too large to bring on the plane back to Arizona! In that regard I was very disappointed. I made only three purchases, this hat for DH [made in Bangladesh]
 A small jug [made in Thailand]
because it said Magnolia on the bottom!
And a cute book for Matthew, made  also in China!
My friends patiently awaiting me as I finished my shopping with the Silos in the background!
There were hundreds of people waiting to get into the restaurant and a line down the block for the Bakery, so we went to a cute little place called Luann's for lunch where I had the best veggie burger ever, made from beets with a red pepper humus.
For dessert we had pie, this was the peanut butter crunch, tasty but a bit too sweet for me.
I am happy that we made the trip, now I have seen it I am content, and it did break up our very intense week of quilting!

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Jocelyn Thurston said...

Magnolia and the show are well known here in Ontario too. I would be a bit disappointed too in the choice of merchandise presented at the shop.
Ros I read your tribute to your sweet pup and had tears in my eyes. We too love our dogs and they are valued family members.