Sunday, June 3, 2018

Texas Quilt Retreat

I just flew to Texas for a week with my longtime friend Leslie, fellow quilter and electronics/quilting tools guru! We have repeated this event many times over the years, dedicating it to sewing new projects and probably vastly annoying her husband as we constantly chatter about quilting! We do try to discuss more general topics over meals, after all his forbearance can only be expected to go so far!
This was our first project and we thought "easy", the piecing is certainly simple, but we failed to really read the full instructions and it wasn't until we began to construct the quilt that we realised the significance of the contrast in tone between each set of fabrics and the need for diligence in selecting the Flying Goose/Sky and HST fabrics. We ripped out some and resewed new fabrics several times before we were ready to construct the quilts. 
 Our second project also seemed simple and quick! I think it's called "Rainbow" and requires unstructured piecing of fabrics. We thought it looked very easy but for the two of us who are both quite structured people it was challenging! We spent an inordinate amount of time cutting and resewing our colors until we were satisfied with the results.

 Leslie decided to use black for her background and it will be very eye catching.
The third quilt was pieced just in time for Memorial day, it's from the book "Mini Wonderful Curves" and has 16 fun ideas for small quilts. Perhaps by this time near the end of our week, we were both a little brain drained, because each of us struggled to get the red "stripes" in the correct configuration.
I love this little flag and look forward to quilting it so I can hang it in our home-if I can find a wall that isn't already covered with quilts!
 Finally with some fabrics left from our first quilt we made these little color wheels.
Now to quilt them all, but I still have one unquilted from our previous time together and my conscience may force me to quilt that one ahead of these, so they will be added to my list!

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