Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Linda's Tablecloth Quilt

A member of our quilt MeetUp asked me to quilt this lovely little tablecloth for her, it is intended for her son and DIL. It measures around 47".
Quilting is E-E Peacock Feathers using the beautiful Superior Rainbows thread. It is a trilobal polyester and this was the first time I used it on the Prodigy machine so I had to tweak the tension a bit. It is a perfect match for the fabrics and sewed nicely once the tension was correct. I decided to use silicon thread lubricant, that often helps when using these slinky threads.
Both top and backing are batiks which required a little further tension adjustment, these fabrics are so dense that skipping stitches can be an issue but fortunately I had none of that! Also using a larger needle helps to prevent fraying and breaking of thread as the needle heats up with the high speed stitching. 
Linda tasked me with binding  also, and she had made a nice double-fold bias binding. I was a tad concerned about all those inside corners sewing by machine but my Pfaff 2056 with IDF and I had no problems and the binding went on fairly easily and smoothly! I would not have attempted it without the bias binding.

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