Wednesday, September 30, 2015

More Rows!

This week is the time to work on the R by R, while I am in the mood! I love the PA row it looks so beachy, turned out very nicely I think with stash fabrics and it's pieced, so many many are all applique and those I am putting at the end of the line, they are not my first choice!
 I don't mind a bit of applique like this AZ row, the cacti in the background were fast and easy, and I may add a barrel or prickly pear cactus and a quail or something in the foreground. Also thought about putting an AZ. Route 66 sign on one end, so this one may still be a work in progress. I used mostly batiks to get the intense colors.
Although it's all applique I really wanted to make the Boston row and I am glad that I did it's very cute with the Citgo sign and the Swan boat.
I will have to make one or two of the Canadian rows from online friend Dawn, and I still have a few others here sent by my friend Dotti, so it may be a large quilt or perhaps two since some seem to be wider than others.
Busy day tomorrow so not sure if there will be sewing I may have to work on finishing up the family bathroom renovation but Thursday after the gym is clear.


Cactusneedle said...

Love the PA one. I'm like you, I wish there were more pieced Row by Rows.

Anonymous said...

Looks great. You are on roll, or rather on a "row". The AZ. Row is awesome. RT 66 should finish it nicely.