Thursday, June 13, 2013

Victoria BC

After leaving Ketchikan we were at sea for a day and a half. Not a lot to see, we were too far from land although we noticed quite a few whales breaching in the late afternoon.
 We watched ice carving by one of the chefs......
Hung out on the Lido deck
and spent time at "our" table playing Mexican train dominoes and cards.
Our final stop on the trip was Victoria BC.
Picture taken near the fabulous Empress Fairmont Hotel, built in 1908 .
This unique evergreen tree is called "Arbustus", I have never seen the like anywhere.
One of several shrub sculptures in this city.
A lively violinist dressed as Darth Vadar entertained the crowds,
And we found a store with some funky merchandise, shoes for your wine bottles.........
a cartoon golf cart.........
and unusual chess sets
 First stop on our  mini "pub crawl", nice people working, very helpful advice for our limited time in the area.
Then onto the "Canoe" micro brewery, friendly folk there too.
 And lots to interest us.
Finally we were drawn into the  Irish Pub.
 Featuring musical entertainment of the foot tapping Irish genre.
And excellent food including, Shepherd's Pie, Bangers and Mash, Irish Stew, Lamb burger, and even Oyster Poor Boys. The dessert you see me holding was shared among us, it was superb!
Fudgey brownie, Bailey's Ice Cream and whisky sauce yum, yum, yum, OMG!
A fitting end to a wonderful adventure which we plan to repeat in four years after JW finishes his residency.

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