Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BOM Log Cabin Blocks

Last Saturday was pick up for the next month's fabric and assignment and today all sixteen blocks are finished and I can forget that for the next month! No two are meant to be exactly the same and no block should have the same bright color more than once, I think I did the job correctly, you can see where the LC blocks go in the picture below.
Just as a reminder, this is the finished BOM quilt, isn't it gorgeous? I got in some black battings, don't want to use white in case of "pokies".
But I have no idea how to quilt it!


Andee said...

Did these blocks come out to 8.5 inches for you? That is what the pattern says, but Kathy's came out to 7.5...I haven't done mine yet.

Roslyn said...

Mine all came out exactly 8.5". You have a mystery to solve Andee!