Saturday, June 22, 2013

Not Much To Show!

The label is made and attached and this quilt is ready to go off to England to a Mum about to birth a baby boy.
 The binding had been ready for sometime for the grey  modern quilt and this was a a good opportunity to get it bound, I could sit and sew and save my energy.
I really wanted to get a quilt on the longarm but this was a "down" week for me-caught a nasty virus from The Boy and wound up with asthmatic bronchitis that has sapped my energy. From Wednesday on I felt as if I could barely get out of my own way, but the antibiotics and steroids have kicked in and I made it to the gym today! Of course the symptoms remain long after Elvis has left the building, LOL but at least I am on the mend and hoping for more progress next week though we have The Boy and that limits my activities.

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Andee said...

Hope you are feeling better by now!