Monday, June 17, 2013

Delectable Dogsled Table Runner

Would you believe that I have already made use of the pattern and some of the fabric from Alaska?
 Saturday I found some of the coordinates I will need for the quilt pattern, and yesterday sewed up this cute runner.
It went together very easily, so I know what to expect when I tackle the lap quilt.
When I was getting the coordinating batiks cut, I noticed a basket of kits and picked it up to look more closely- this one came home with me!

I think it's adorable! It's a panel that includes LED lights, is that cute? Last Christmas I saw some chatter on my internet quilting professionals group about a pieced quilt pattern for a Christmas tree with LED lights. I looked all over the internet for it and posted the query on my online group to no avail. This kit has a panel rather than a pieced tree but I didn't have to think too hard to buy it, I knew that it would probably not be there when I looked for it the next time. I think I might also put crystals on it, just for some extra sparkle!

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Margaret Tappe said...

I was recently in Alaska on vacation and was in a quilt shop in Ketchikan and saw the Delectable Dog Sled Table Runner. The store was just selling the sample and didn't have the pattern any more. I thought that was strange but I guess the quilt store had just been purchased. Could you tell me were I could buy the pattern? Thank you for any information regarding the pattern.