Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quilting Gallery

I just posted a pic of son's Dragon quilt on the Quilting Gallery, a weekly quilt show contest with a different theme each week.
This week it is "Just Squares and Rectangles", and JW's quilt fits the criteria. I made it for him in 2002 .
Unfortunately I could only show one pic and you can't see the dragon quilted on it so I am posting a couple of close ups here.

It shows a little only on the backing, it's a few years ago and my quilt photography has improved since then.

The backing is ten yards of Hoffman black and red dragon batik.

This is a drawing of the dragon, done by oldest DS which I then enlarged to about three feet.

If you like it, voting begins Friday, you can vote for it at:
And thanks for your vote! If I could I'd be out kissing babies, LOL!


Coloradolady said...

Ros...I can not find where to vote on the site....can you add the direct link??

farmlady said...

This quilt is beautiful. It looks like stained glass.
I got lost in the site. Couldn't figure out how to vote. Am I not seeing the right link? Where do we vote?

Linda said...

I looked to see if I could vote, but it may not be live yet...will check back later. Love the quilt!

corina said...

I voted for your quilt - how could I not? - It's so beautiful. I love the Quilting Gallery contests. Lots of inspiration and connections to wonderful quilting blogs. I will enjoy looking through some of your previous posts!

GardenofDaisies said...

WOW!!!! Beautiful! And that dragon is amazing! I'll head over to see if I can vote!

Karen said...

This is a fabulous quilt!! Great colors and the dragon design is amazing.