Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mini Quilt Exhibit

The public library in Bridgewater MA, has been hosting a small display of quilts in their gallery.

The other day grt niece and I strolled the mile to the town center, "E" on her bicycle with backpack prepared to check out some new books.
While we were there we took the opportunity to wander through the exhibit, and below are some pics of our favorites with their creator's names.

This one has a total of five panels what would you call that?!
BJ would like the title of this one!
This looks like windows, doesn't it? Clever use of these fabrics.

Nice triptych. There were several in this design.

I love the blue used here, it's the quintessential Japanese indigo. I bought some when I was in Japan and used them in a quilt.
Another interesting triptych.

Very simply graphic.

Somehow I lost the info on this quilt, apologies to the designer.
There was quite a bit of thread painting on this one.

A "pieceful" scene!
Lots of applique and embellishing in these, the quilters in this group use an eclectic mix of techniques. 

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