Sunday, April 8, 2012

'Early For Monday' Report!

Tomorrow will be super busy so I am posting tonight. Starting out with Matthew, taking him to preschool and then a couple of appointments. So far I haven't packed but there are a pile of clothes on top of the bag awaiting final dispensation! To take or not to take! Ugh, that's the part of a journey I hate, trying to figure out what I need and what I can do without because I also hate to overpack! But then there's the dilemma of not having things you do need, oh my!
We have a 6am. flight Tuesday so we'll need to be out of the house soon after 4am. Now I think I should have simply booked us on the red eye, next time! We also have to ensure we have all that is necessary for one small dog, more complications.
After church we gathered at Matthew's other G'parents for a Matthew birthday party [his birthday is Tuesday].

He had a grand time with all the new toys,

and this wonderful helmet since he will be learning to ride a bike!

Searching for something to do hand work-wise, I came across this very cute idea at Ravelry for a "Button" quilt made from knitted "buttons".

They are very small, only about 2" diameter so it will take very many of them to make anything other than a doll quilt. However it will give me something to do with my hands and I can decide later what to do with any "buttons" I knit.
BJ, Lauren and Shayla came to sew yesterday. I didn't take any pics because we took off for an hour or so to go to the Olde World Quilt Shoppe and to Babbo's for lunch.

But I did get the borders on the pink and brown diamonds and I really like this quilt. Not sure how it should be quilted, and it will go on the stack awaiting the longarm anyway so there's time to decide.

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Linda said...

Looks like the little guy had a great day! They are so much fun at this age! The pink and brown is very lovely...I don't think I would attempt the button thing - if for no other reason than I can't knit! I used to knit - many years ago - but somehow, now I can't seem to get the hang of it again...oh well, one doesn't have to be able to do everything! Will be interesting to see what you do with the knitted buttons!