Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Potholder Blocks And Quilts.

The national leader of a military support group I belong to has retired from the position and the other members decided to honor her with a "Potholder Quilt". You can find an explanation here.
The plan is to make our potholders with a 12.5" Civil War block design and CW repro. fabrics.
I hadn't ever heard of the idea but I wanted to contribute and time being of the essence I chose a simple two colored Churn Dash block. I grabbed the first two fabrics that came to hand from one of my CW collections and whipped mine out in haste this morning .

We are meant to write our names and the state we represent on the front but I had to put mine on the back because the writing wouldn't show on this busy fabric.
It goes off in the mail to the recipient today and when she gets all fifty [ or maybe more, some states have more than one coordinator] she will have enough blocks for a large quilt!

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Andee said...

That is a really nice idea! What fun for the gal who has too many to fit in her mailbox!