Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Quilting!

Today BJ came to sew with me, she working on scrap blocks while I managed to get a couple of backings prepped for flimsies so they are ready for the LA when I am ready for them!
BJ had to leave earlier than usual for a family event and then I managed to get Andee's beautiful sampler quilt finished.

It's for her nephew who has joined the navy hence the navy themed backing!

The thread is a nice fine, shiny red, don't know the brand because my friend Gale gave it to me along with a couple of other colors from a batch that she picked up at Houston QS. I used it top and bobbin and I like how it quilted in, showing just enough of the quilting on the front and blending on the front and back so as not to distract from the piecing or the print. The quilting is freehand "peacock feathers".

On a family topic, little master Matthew has been ill this week, Friday his Daddy took him back to the dr. because along with the upper respiratory symptoms he had a fever, 103.2.
He has crackles [or rales, sounds of some "junk" in his lungs] so he is on antibiotics. Poor little chap was so ill yesterday and still not good today. JW and I both thought he was wheezing earlier too so we are hoping that the meds will clear it up quickly it makes us feel so bad to see him in so much misery.
Anyway he was supposed to go to the shore with his mom and her family for a week but that has been delayed a day or two until he feels better.
I miss him already!

Playing with guest dog "Tiki" earlier this week.


Rosalyn Manesse said...

Get well soon, little fellow! and it's an interesting quilt

farmlady said...

Poor little Matthew... I hate when they get sick. Grandma's worry so. He will be fine and back to hug you, and bug you, soon.
I like the openness of the quilt. It's not all squares. Nice colors.