Saturday, August 27, 2011

He's Baaaack!

Our little guy is on the mend, PTL, fever down and he is eating and playing.

He and Daddy came for dinner this evening and what a joy to see him running around laughing and chasing the two Aussie Terriers, Button and her friend Tiki [who is having a "sleepover"!]

Whew, that's a relief it was quite a harrowing week until the antibiotics kicked in and the fever stayed down. He still has the chesty cough but that will take a while to clear, meantime no swimming and I know he is missing his pool time.
This was the first real illness Matthew has had, he has been wonderfully healthy just a couple of sniffles that may have been allergy related. It was very hard on his Daddy to see his little boy so sick and feel helpless to do anything immediate to make him feel better. I suspect that it was a bit of a shock to his Dad to experience this part of parenthood, those of us with older children all know how it is to sit up with a feverish miserable little one and have so little we can do.
Goes along with the joys of parenting, no avoiding the tough parts is there?

AZ Huggy Bunch met today but I failed to get pics. We did however all make some progress and although we were missing two, Shayla and Alissa, we had a new quilter join us, BJ brought her friend Donna. It was all good as always, fun, food and fellowship and some sewing too, LOL.


farmlady said...

Oh Roz,
I'm so glad that Matthew is OK. What a relief to all of you. It's so scary when a child gets that sick.
Wonderful pictures...

Gramma 2 Many said...

It is indeed a helpless feeling to have a sick child and not be able to make it better. So glad he is on the rebound.