Saturday, August 13, 2011

AZ Huggy Bunch

Five of us met today and we had a visit from Andee too, so we hope to see her here again to sew in the near future.

BJ said Andee needed to try the baked banana pudding I had made and she put her stamp of approval on it!

As did the rest of us a bit later after we shared a lunch of Margarita pizza, chicken salads and roasted cauliflower salad!

Today we all worked on a quilt project together making scrappy red, white and blue Disappearing Nine Patch [D9P] blocks for a Quilt Of Valor. We got off to a good start........

then Alissa came and we had to break to check out her latest project- Alissa likes to sew tiny pieces together! She is probably the most "modern" style quilter among us, preferring these graphic sort of quilts. This will be a city skyline scene, it's going to be very cool!

I managed to catch our youngest member taking a phone picture of the progress we made on the QOV.

We ended up with the thirty blocks we wanted for a quilt that will measure around 60"x70", we are not planning to put borders on it.
Next time we will square up the blocks and sew them all together and I will quilt it with the flag and star design that works so well for these patriotic quilts.
We were all quite pleased with our work and our first community project as a group- I sort of think that makes us an "official" group!

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farmlady said...

I love the way you used different size stars in the quilt. It's much more effective than having them all the same.
It's a beautiful quilt of valor.. someone will be very pleased with it.
You are definitely an "official" group.