Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stash Replenishment And another Baby Quilt

When you make as many baby quilts as I do eventually the baby quilt fabrics need to be refreshed! My choices in stash were becoming quite limited so on a recent visit to 'Quiltz' I found these cute fabrics "under the umbrella" which means they were all $4.99/yard.
I will have enough for at least six more baby quilts plus however many I can get from the "scraps"!
Here's another baby quilt just finished this week.
Two more babies received quilts this past month, baby Jaxxon is still in neonatal care, he was a premie, and there was another Brayden- I forgot to take pics of either of their quilts so I am awaiting pics from the recipients!
I have two more baby quilts under construction, one awaiting quilting and the other still in pieces!
I am going by the Quiltz store today on my way to the gym to buy more backing from "under the umbrella!


GardenofDaisies said...

All of these babies are very lucky indeed! Your quilts are all beautiful!

Gari said...

I "replenished" the past weekend, all for comfort quilts. I like to have as much variety as I can so the backs are as interesting as the fronts.

Miri said...

Oh those new fabrics are adorable! Love the BOY quilt!

no spring chicken said...

A beautiful heirloom! What a wonderful gift.
Blessings, Debbie

cityquilter said...

roz, your baby fabrics are adorable! and your little matthew is growing soooo fast...he's sooo cute!