Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Two Year Old

Little Matthew is two today, how those two years have flown, and he isn't so little either, 36.75" tall.
Instead of making an entire cake, I made cupcakes, half with chocolate ganache and the other half with cream cheese frosting with a little orange zest for flavoring!
Feeding Daddy some..........he needs the sugar he has to study for a big test in the morning.
That was the one with cream cheese frosting...........
Now here's the chocolate, he loves chocolate, as do most of his ancestry including great Grandfather who will be 100 next month so it hasn't harmed him!
This one is a classic, he was so excited! Of course this was more sugar than he would normally have in months.
But then he settled down and got to the serious job of eating!
Happy birthday beautiful boy!


jojo said...

Happy Birthday little man! Oh, Ros..I can't believe he is two already...he is a heartbreaker for sure!

farmlady said...

Oh Ros, Matthew is two! How fun! Happy Birthday to the little guy. What a handsome boy he is.
Love those cupcakes....