Sunday, April 24, 2011

AZ Huggy Bunch

We met again Saturday to work on our quilting projects together.
BJ here with her version of D9P.............
and progress to date.
Lauren is making "Outside The Box" for her friend.........
and here her progress today, she has more blocks at home.
Shayla completed her quilt with the application of the label.
She also made another thread catcher [this one a gift for her Home Ec. teacher] out of this fabric below, from my stash. I have already made and backed a quilt with this fabric and there is yet more-I bought what was left on the bolt at BC's 75% off sale a year or two ago! I quite forgot to get a pic of the finished gift but I am trying to obtain one and will add it when it comes in!
Shayla also received her" baby quilt" from me- just a little late! I had made one for her older brother and really don't understand why Shayla never got one [I think maybe they were living out of state at that time] but when she loved my Brown Bag Challenge quilt I decided to gift it to her.......
As a young quilter with so much potential I thought she would appreciate the paper piecing and the custom quilting that make this quilt special!
And here is the label!
My project was a set of vintage hand-sewn Sun Bonnet Sue's I purchased from eBay a year or two ago.
There are twenty of them and I think that I have enough of the 40's repros from my stash to border them with the blocks, same as the sashing. It will be quite a good size then, about 66" x 82" large enough for a little girl's single bed.
Now I just need some granddaughters...........


Lindah said...

Ros, I so love to see those younger girls quilting with the "older" girls. :-) When the younger ones are older, they will be so thankful for that earlier experience.

Reddirt Woman said...

It's such fun to see the more 'traditional' patterns along with designs like 'outside the block' and to see the youngsters sewing and learning such a wonderful craft as quilting. And the smile on Shayla's face had to make your day!

Thanks for a fun post.