Sunday, April 10, 2011

AZ Huggy Bunch

We met yesterday and sewed all day! BJ brought yummy asparagus soup and I made a quiche and Lauren and Shayla brought their chicken salad we all love so we ate well. Oh, and I had made banana date bread too! BJ also brought water melon that we forgot to eat-I wonder if it will keep two weeks till the next AZ Huggy Bunch meeting?
It rained most of the day so it was a really good time to be indoors sewing. Lauren and Shayla each made a scrap/thread catcher, you can see Shayla's the black and yellow one!
Shayla learned to bind her quilt and Lauren was quilting on hers, BJ working on her version of a D9P. We quilters seldom leave a pattern alone you know, we often have to add our own design changes!
I finished the binding on baby Lila's quilt- I quilted folk-art flowers freehand all over. This goes off to Australia with me next month when we fly DownUnder to see my Dad for his 100th. birthday.

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Denny1600 said...

What a cute quilt! Connie from Over Good Ground pointed out your blog to me. I'm a quilter in southern Arizona and love looking at what other quilters are doing. I have two sewing get togethers this week!