Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quilts For Dolphin House

As of yesterday these three flimsies are quilted. They were sent to me by a new quilter, whose "name has been with -held to protect the innocent", LOL.

They are part of her learning experience as a quilter and are destined for Dolphin House , a safe haven for families escaping abuse.
There is always a need for quilts and my quilt group in Montrose, CO. is active in supporting this organization as part of their community outreach. One of the group will bind and deliver them to the Dolphin House.
They are each about 50"x60", cheerful and warm and will be a comfort I hope to children recovering from traumatic experiences. I used the new [to me] Quilter's Dream Green batting, made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. It's light and sturdy and will stand up to repeated washing very well.
They are quilted with edge to edge freehand designs, the first with a square spiral and the other two with different swirly patterns.
One more top was also quilted yesterday, the strip scrap quilt that I made recently- I will photograph it as soon as the binding is done.
Today I have the beautiful baby Matthew so I don't plan to accomplish much else than spending time with him! He is too cute for words [IMHO] now saying dadadad though I wonder if he knows who that is! No park today it's mostly raining and chilly out.

Baby Matthew loves his own remote control-an inoperable one without batteries- heaven help us, are all males born with a magnetic attraction to electronics?! He goes after every phone, camera, remote or any other electronic-looking device!
It should soon be time for a nap [for the baby!] and maybe I can get the strip-scrap quilt bound while sleeping babies lay!


GardenofDaisies said...

What a wonderful cause!

Loretta Weaver said...

I think the quilts are quite charming and I can't tell that she is a newbie at least not from the photos