Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Broken Arm!

This is Thursday I know but the item I wanted to show for VTT is currently unavailable for photographing!
Instead you get a few pics of my brave wounded snowboarder, who now misses out on his Spring Break snow-sports due to a broken arm. Bummer!
Monday GS#2 fell while snowboarding. X-rays at the Medical Center confirmed the injury and the arm was splinted with instructions to see the orthopedist today to get a cast. So he has to hang out with Grandmother the remainder of the week and as some compensation, Tuesday we went into Ouray while the others went to the slopes. We love this little mining camp town with it's quaint architecture and laid-back lifestyle.

After Lunch and a visit to Mouse's Chocolate Shop that of necessity involved the consumption of chocolate, we found him a cool new hoodie. Unfortunately our other favorite stop, The Toy Shop, is closed on Tuesday! Double bummer!

Here he is with Button.

He chose a green cast for St. Patrick's Day.
He really is a cheerful uncomplaining chap about the entire unfortunate incident and the proof is in the picture!
For all of this and more-the cuteness factor alone-he gets his own blog day!
He will be a teenager on Friday!


gramma2many said...

Ouch. It made me cringe just to see your post title on my sidebar. Heal well GS#2 and enjoy your time with Gramma. Happy Birthday too!!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Bless his heart!

Our youngest broke his arm while "soaping" down the side of a slide (that just means sliding on slippery soled shoes.) He looked very much the same while his was being set in the ER as your son does - - - - only our son was made LOOPY with drugs, was yours?

Andee said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear that, but I like the green cast!

Miri said...

Wish him congrats on becoming a teen!

Cool cast!

Coloradolady said...

Poor guy!! Happy Birthday a little early! What a trooper, one year I broke my leg right before summer church camp...and I could not go, and I don't think I smiled too much about it either!!! He is taking it much better than I would have!

Loretta said...

Logan you are a real champ!!! Just don't break that arm a 3rd time. It is hard to say who is cuter him or I love the picture of Button sitting on the wall.

Christa Atwood said...

What a handsome boy...of course being his "mummy" I may be a little biased. Thanks for taking good care of him this week! You are awesome grandparents!!!