Friday, March 19, 2010

The Newest Teenager.....and More Snow!

Happy birthday Logan! This is not the way the week was supposed to go, but this young fellow is a gem! So cheerful and never whining though he has cause to do so!

We made Chocolate Lava Cakes to celebrate the day.

With a little cream to top them off.

He is somewhat of a chocaholic, wonder where he gets that?! He is without doubt the cutest 13 year old I know [there is no prejudice at all there! ]

We sang Happy Birthday and then enjoyed the lava cakes, two DGS on the right and their friend on the left.

We awoke this morning to a major spring storm and it snowed all day depositing another 2-3 ft. of the wet white stuff! As I write at 10.30 pm it is still snowing!

Two big boys went over to Telluride and snowboarded all day, we visited neighbors this afternoon and after two hours this is what the Avalanche looked like!

DH had to park the car about 100ft. from the neighbors house so we wouldn't get stuck so we wore boots and carried our shoes. It was snowing so hard it covered our footprints within a minute, I dropped a shoe on the way back to the car and by the time I trudged back 50ft. to look for it the snow had covered the shoe! And it was so deep my boots were full of it!

I took pics with the zoom lens from the neighbor's house of the snowplow clearing our drive but by the time we returned home there was another foot of snow.

A really gigantic storm and since it's still coming down we hope the plow comes by early in the morning to dig us out so we can head back to AZ.
PS. the plow came in early and we drove slowly most of the way to Cortez over slippery, black-ice/packed snow.
Long day but we made it safely to AZ.


CC said...

Happy Birthday to that handsome young man... he is a real cutie. Your snowstorm looks quite beautiful,but I wouldn't want any of it. I'm so ready for warm weather,sunshine and birds singing...

Pat said...

Happy Birthday to Logan. I clicked to zoom in on the photo and saw the snowplow. Your house is a beauty!!! My hubby's second cousin is out there to ski this week...guess she picked a good week to go there! LOL

Lindah said...

Ros, are all 3 of those cute boys your grandsons??? Goll-ee!

GardenofDaisies said...

Look at those boys enjoying their chocolate lava cakes! My son loves chocolate too! What great looking grandsons you have!

Anonymous said...

the snow is absolutely beautiful, I think I've figured out the posting message thing, you'll know very soon :) Bj.