Saturday, March 27, 2010

Andee's Schnibbles Obsession

I think that my friend Andee has a Schnibbles obsession!

Here is her ?third Schnibbles [I think] this one in CW-ish fabrics. The Bow Tie block pattern too is traditional, and I like the combination, it's very pretty.

The back is a surprise, what fun to make it so different and totally reversible!

I think Andee intends to use it for a table topper to be flipped over from one theme to the other depending on her mood!

Only problem, how to quilt it appropriately when the styles of front and back are so very different. In the long run, I chose a swirly freehand that compliments the traditional setting and doesn't look out of place with the modern, and a neutral thread that doesn't fight with any thing at all.
Enjoy, Andee and congrats on another cute quilt!

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SewCalGal said...

Love your schnibble. I am so inspired that I'm sure one of the quilts I make this summer will be a schnibble. Maybe a Christmas Schnibble for the Virtual Christmas Quilt Show.