Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quilting up a storm!

DH put new rails on my LA, the company replaced the powder coated with anodized & we have had a few adjustments but I am still not happy with the amount of vibration which is usually pretty much non existent on an A-1, so we have a little more work there. Other than that, "Ellie" is sewing just great, making a perfect stitch & behaving very nicely, thank you!

This bright & cheery floral quilt came from friend Loretta, it is for her mom who loves flowers & is in a nursing home setting. I think it should bring some color to her room & will be sturdy enough to withstand institutional laundering.
It's what you might call a busy quilt so the quilting doesn't really show, & I used King Tut variegated yellow, which blends in even more. I quilted an all over flower design with leaves in the borders.

Earlier this week I received two quilts from a Denver piecer. These two are fairly busy,with mixed techniques, applique etc. sampler/BOM type of quilts that will require custom treatment.
I did the smaller one first & it went more smoothly than I expected because I had no idea what I would do until I actually turned the machine on! That often happens to me, inspiration comes at the last minute! The borders were a little full but it quilted out pretty well & I think it turned out very nicely, a really pretty quilt.
Because it is so busy & again I used a King Tut variegated in blues this time, the quilting doesn't show up much until you see the back which is purple batik. The entire quilt is batiks & unlike some LA's my A-1 has no issue at all with these very dense fabrics
From the back you can see in the upper left corner block where there were applique flowers I did a peacock feather fill, but I wasn't as pleased with it as I'd hoped so in the bottom right corner block I did the pebbles & I like them much better.
The other blocks all got leaf wreaths excepts for the block with the applique heart which got a leaf heart, see it from the front in the photo below.

I took a close up of the pebble fill but again the thread matches so well it's hard to see the detail.
Next I have to tackle the large one, here's a preview before quilting! It's so large that you can't see the entire quilt laid out but you get the idea, sampler blocks & applique.

I imagine that there will be more enquiries about the origin of this quilt but sadly I have to tell you that they were class projects so the patterns are not available to my knowledge.


Beeshebags said...

Hi Ros, They look great....I'd love to see one being quilted on a LA one day.


Jenny F said...

The quilting is beautiful Ros. Well done. You have pulled in the wavy quilt well :) They are very busy quilts so I expect your quilting will be most appreciated on the backs!
Jenny F

Khris said...

ohhh I love this large one you have on the LA now Roslyn....gosh you are full steam ahead girl...getting lots done...amazing!! hugs Khris

Teri said...

I love the large one (especially the flying geese border). Is that from a pattern? That one will take a while to quilt.

Joy said...

Beautiful! I especially like the one you have laid over the LA now... The flying geese are just wonderful.... and the applique.... well, I'm drooling!