Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cathy's Sampler

The second of the quilts I got from Denver came off the LA tonight so they will both go in the mail tomorrow. I have a half dozen things to mail so it's time for the Post Office trek-it isn't far, only a mile away it's just a hassle when there's a long line & my boxes are too large for the self service machine.
I love the flying geese in this quilt, they add such great movement & I wanted to quilt something there that would be reflective of the graceful flight of the geese as you see them overhead.
I ended up quilting leaves as you would see them blowing in the wind, more or less following the line of the geese.

It's a very cute quilt & has a lot of work in all the different piecing & applique techniques. This sort of sampler quilt allows the quilter to utilize lots of freehand motifs to fill in the various blocks & follow some of the themes. You can see snowflakes in one of the snowman blocks for example.

The pumpkins are adorable aren't they?

And see the button collars on the kitties? Lots of detail on this quilt.
I posted 4 pics. because the quilt was too large to get in one photo though I guess I could have spread it out on the bed, didn't think of it.

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Joy said...

Just gorgeous.... I think I've been back to your blog four times today, pointing this out to my friends. Seems like each time I look, I find something else about this quilt and your quilting of it, that I love!