Thursday, January 15, 2009

Five more QOV's

A busy week- hmmmm, what am I saying, they all are, but this week I focused on the final details of the last five from the current batch of QOV's I had completed. Two of these are my OC mystery quilts - I think pictures have already been posted as I quilted each of them.
It's a strange phenomenon, the last bits & pieces are always the hardest but now the quilts are all packed up & will be in the mail tomorrow to the Veteran's Hospital in LA. They get a lot of the wounded Marines so they always need more quilts & I am ever so pleased to be able to contribute, I wish I could make one for every single wounded hero.
I struggle with the labels, it's a bit tedious making them on my DSM & when I mentioned this on one of my Yahoo quilt groups one of the other members contacted me to offer her expertise so I am very blessed to have them made for me in the future. The labels may seem like a small detail but it's one that really bugs me!
I launder them in a non- fragranced "green" product and make a "presentation case" for each quilt, just a simple bag to keep them clean so they go to the hospital as uncontaminated as possible.


Suze said...

That is a wonderful presentation for your quilts.

How good it is to have a finish and there you are with 5.....

Alycia said...

Awesome Ros!! Great job!!