Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally finished!

Unbelievable, but after almost a quarter century the Lover's Knot quilt is done, done, DONE can you hear me shouting from the rooftops, the dratted thing is almost vintage at it's completion.  

I tried to get a full photo on our bed but we have a footboard that get's in the way so I folded it back on itself.....
then hung it over the long arm rollers.

A close up of the corner & folded sawtooth border or Prairie Points as they are also called....

and even a label, now that's close to a miracle, LOL!
It goes to Australia with me in May for my SIL who has staked a claim to it, & my brother.

Below are photos of a vintage 30's top & some dresden blocks that a lady has asked me to work on. I'm looking for the right backing for the top, it is quite stained but I have information from my local quilt Historian & Appraiser Karen Housner so I can inform the quilt's owner & she can clean it.
You can see clearly in the close up below that the petals are gathered at the center, rather unusual in my experience & it has been suggested that it may be called a Missouri Daisy but if anyone has more accurate information on this block please let me know. It is very sweet, the 30's era quilts are winsome & charming. 

I Googled Missouri Daisy but did not come up with this particular pattern, perhaps there are variations of the block as often happens over the years.

Then there are 14 of these incomplete dresden plate blocks - I don't know that I will be taking on the job of completing these & constructing a quilt, it would be a big investment of time & I doubt my hands can tackle the hand work required I would have to do it by machine. Still thinking about it so I need to talk more with the owner.
Tomorrow I have a quilt to do on the LA, & Wednesday a little bit of an op. on my hand at Mayo Clinic, then hopefully back to the quilting Thursday as I don't think I will be too handicapped this time around.


CarterQuilter said...

Hi Ros,

Your Lover's Knot is fabulous! Congratulations on getting it done. You have been on a quilting mission this year already. All your quilts are beautiful.

Cindy in Seattle

GARI said...

When I saw the Lover's Knot I knew I had just seen it before: on the MQP list. It is beautiful and the quilting is great!!

Sharon-NZ said...

that quilt is just gorgeous

Dya said...

That lovers knot quilt is fantastic. So is all the quilting you are doing. I'll sure be back for more ;-))