Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday

Here's a whimsical non-quilty twist that I came across on the Apron Queen's blog & it appealed to the old fashioned side of me. I do enjoy vintage stuff, not that I want it all in my home but it's a delightful trip down Nostalgia Lane.
My decorating tastes are somewhat eclectic-traditional- but with a twist! Every room needs something just plain fun in it I think otherwise it's a bit too perfect & uh..... boring? IMHO!
So, here's my vintage offering for this week-suitcases, or "portmanteaux" or luggage or whatever you call them. I love these quaint reminders of a more gracious & slower paced time. Aren't they adorable? Ah, maybe it's just me!
I use them for end tables, & if I still had the third one [my sister got off with it] I could stack them, so one day I'll find another in a thrift shop or someone's garbage pile!
One of these was $3, the other free!

Today at guild I made continuous bias binding for the applique baby quilt-guess I miscalculated because I ended up with about 12 yds. & I think I only need around half of that! I figured it out first using the square root of the total area needed [calculated by multiplying perimeter of the quilt by the width of binding] & then refigured with another method to double check my numbers & decided to use the second total which was higher than the first- just didn't want to have to make another lot if I came up a wee bit short. For any of you who have made bias binding you know it is a little more work than straight grain binding but when using a stripe it is a much more effective result don't you think? I used a 42" square of the fabric.
Oh well, next time I make a baby quilt with this same colorway I will already have the binding prepared.
Tomorrow I will attach the binding to the quilt then I only need to hand sew it down to the back of the quilt & make & attach the label.


Coloradolady said...

Nice VTT post. I remember my grandmother making Bias binding.

I love the suitcases. Very nice.

Miri said...

Great idea using the luggage as end tables. I once so overmade bias for stems for an applique quilt that I still have some -after using it on a second quilt :)

Elizabeth said...

Glad you're joining us for VTT! Love those suitcases, my parents have 2 that are very similar.

Diane said...

Great idea to use these as an end table! Makes things more interesting and unique. Glad to have you at VTT!

Jewelgirl said...

Welcome to VTT! Your vintage
luggage was a great find! So
many little vintage shops have
these with wonderful displays
in them, but using them for
a table is super idea!

Anonymous said...

I think vintage suitcases are charming and I like the way you use yours :)