Saturday, October 25, 2008

OTR & Baby farm quilt

OK, well I do like my OTR much better now that the flying geese border is on, & I have cut another 2" border to frame out the geese that I think will finish it off nicely- that's a job for tomorrow after church.
I obviously cannot count though because here is the pile of little blocks left over after I had counted & recounted & recounted ad nauseum!
On the other hand my calculations for the FG border were more accurate & I think I have only three FG's left over that will add to my growing collection of orphan blocks. I do wish that I could finally use up all the old odds & ends of scraps but they seem to multiply like rabbits in the drawers!

The applique baby quilt is ready for binding but I have discovered that I do not have sufficient of any one of the quilt fabrics for my preferred double fold binding but I do have a perfect matching stripe that will make a great binding cut on the bias- I think that is the way to go!
It never fails that the moment I lay out a quilt on the floor Miss Button has to come over & stretch out on it-I have heard other quilters/animal lovers say that they have the same experience with their pets so anyone want to hazard a guess as to why our animals do this?
Of course the quilts will be laundered before gifting so I didn't worry about it.
The quilt is from a design by Kookaburra Cottage but as usual I had to make my own revisions- in my opinion recipes & patterns are merely suggestions [unlike the Ten Commandments!] & my imagination is inevitably drawn to additions, subtractions & embellishments! All the fabrics for the top were from my stash, the backing I purchased from thousandsofbolts . When completed the farmer girl will have lace on her coveralls & perhaps a flower on her hat? Hmmmm.....


Miri said...

The baby quilt is adorable. I think a narrow binding would look great.

Lindah said...

Hi Roslyn!
The FG really made all the difference on that quilt. The baby quilt is so cute. Lucky baby! On the binding...I use pieced double bindings often and have never felt they were too bulky. I think the angled joinings prevent that. Either way, it will be such a neat little quilt.

Teri said...

I think double fold scrap pieces for binding would look nice. It would pull all the colors together. Double fold is more durable for a quilt that will be loved dearly. You did a beautiful job on selecting colors.