Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More color & more quilting

I had been down the mountain for 2 days over the weekend & returned to see such a difference in intensity of color, I am adding a couple of pics. It rained all weekend in Montrose area but the Cimmarons & Sneffels ranges got a lot of snow.

I was house-sitting on my friend's farm-just the house animals only, cats & dogs, they have someone else come to feed the horses, cattle & donkeys. The first night I "lost" the new kitten-well she began the night on my bed but was nowhere to be found in the morning. She did re-appear when I returned from Guild meeting later in the day. The second day the big dog, JR, jumped the fence 3 times, the third time somehow he managed to take the short legged ,stocky little corgi with him! She can't jump so how did she get out? Hmmmm, it's a mystery! Little miss corgi then got into more mischief-absolutely destroyed one of the TV remotes while I was I was out in the quilting studio, all in all quite the weekend & some house sitter I am!

Using Gale's Prodigy, I quilted two more laptop bags & a baby quilt & another HOB. Two more HOB quilts went out the past week to the families of Fallen Heroes, but I'm running out of ways to find these families & it's very discouraging.

I received a lovely surprise in the mail, a box from my friend Loretta with a wonderful carrier for my thread! I was complaining about keeping it all together & accessible when I travel & so she sent me this great thread tote! It is double decker & holds all my lovely Essentials threads I love it, isn't it wonderful? Thank you Loretta!


Elaine Adair said...

Just so you know I'm reading your blog, your paragraph beginning "I received ..." was humongous on my browser -- Another amazing mystery! LOL. It was so huge I couldn't read it, so had to visit your home page.

So nice to visit you. Had planned to get you in my Bloglines earlier -- not sure what happened, but ... glad I came! 8-)

Anonymous said...

We just saw a lot of that color as we came down through WY, UT and CO to AJ. It was gorgeous. More snow now than then, though. =)

If I get to meet you when Khris is here, I'll have to remember to bring the HOB block that's been on my wall for two years. I bought the kit at the Tucson shop hop and then never knew where to send it. It's that X block.