Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer in Alpine Climes

Our second round of guests departed this morning, youngest DS & his GF plus G'son #1, Daniel whose family acquired a new puppy since he got here so he just had to go back to 115 degree Phoenix see her!
Here are JW & Madeleine at sunset at 9,000ft, & a few photos of the beautiful lupins & other wildflowers now gracing the roadsides & meadows in our alpine development. No more beautiful though than these two young people! Amanda had asked me about the "Choke Cherries" I mentioned on a visit to her blog so here is a photo of them-those white clusters of flowers will be dark red berries that the bears love. They make good jam but the pits are too large to make it worth the effort. We had quite an eventful visit with the young folk especially when Madeleine took a spill from the quad necessitating an ER visit. Damage is minor compared to the disaster it could have been, mostly scratches, minor shoulder separation, soreness & a couple of stitches in her arm.
The same day our little Aussie Terrier was again attacked by the same dog up the road, so another vet. visit, more antibiotic & pain shots & meds. & we're fortunate she likes the peanut butter that disguises the pills. My previous vigilance is now hyper vigilance where our little dog is concerned, this simply cannot happen again. On Saturday we visited the Cottonwood Cellars Vineyard in Olathe for a wine tasting, here we are with a few of the barrels. That was fun & we came home with about a case of assorted wines.
I have all borders on the OC quilt set on point & all but two sides of the final border on the second top. That's a job for this week & then it's on to the memory quilt for Lucas & Matt's birthday July 11. I am currently preparing the photos for printing onto the fabric, that is the slowest part of memory quilt construction.I have decided that this printer we have in CO. is not sophisticated enough to produce decent pics. for a quilt so we're off to Montrose first thing in the morning to buy a new one.


Julie said...

Oh my! Your poor doggie was attacked again? I am so sorry. And poor Madeleine with the quad accident. But you are right, it could have been much worse.

Candace said...

Your photos are so beautiful. I especially love the beech (?) trees. When we went to Colorado a few years ago, I tried so hard to get a good picture of them, and never did, but yours is magnificent. Sorry about the misfortunes with the spill, and your little Aussie Terrier being atacked. Thank goodness, they weren't worse. I hope your new printer does the job.

Sew Prim Khris said...

What a beautiful view you have there son is such a good looking lad. Hugs Khris in Oz