Friday, June 27, 2008

Sunset and sew on!

Pun intended, LOL.
This was sunset yesterday as I walked, around 7 p.m. I think, that's MST.
Today I had a couple of hours to
sew & finished the borders on the second OC, but every time I lay out a quilt-on the bed or the floor- Button feels that she must lay claim to it! One border may look as if it "waves" it really doesn't but every time I went to take a photo Button had walked across the quilt & in the end I just gave up! The second OC is a little different to the first. I set the blocks on the straight & made narrow stop borders from orange & blue [because I ran short of those fabrics] then I used the leftover blocks in the corners as well as the sides. I only have 4 of the little blocks left, woohoo!
Late afternoon I went into Montrose with DH- he had to pick up parts to repair one of the quads after Madeleine's accident last week- while there I ran into the Pfaff store & picked up a 5 groove pintuck foot-their last one- so I wouldn't have to struggle with the zipper foot to make the rest of the binding for Lucas' quilt. For the moment unfortunately I've "gone about as fur as I can go" [as they sing in "Oklahoma!"] with this memory quilt because I need red batik for piping & applique so had to order from thousandbolts & it won't be here until Monday at the very earliest, probably Tuesday. We are two hours & $35 plus in gas from the nearest quilt shop so ordering online is really the only cost effective alternative.
On the way down the mountain we encountered a doe with a very new fawn, really tiny. She was nursing, amazing, the very first time I have ever seen a fawn nursing from the doe. She was so tiny she could barely reach to nurse from momma doe who was standing. I wanted a photo but DH backed up too close & they spooked. I am hoping I will get another photo op. but the chances are very slim.
We ate at "Siam" in Ridgway on the way home, it's really lovely food & Fridays there is entertainment so we like to dine al fresco & enjoy the music.
This weekend is a "quilting retreat" with my Stashbusters group, so I plan to work on the baby quilt for one of our church families in Phx. who recently adopted a baby girl. I have two pieced strips left from the pink bargello which I plan to somehow work into a baby size quilt.


Candace said...

Both your OC's are looking so good. Your border treatment is sort of what I plan on mine, but with a couple of extra borders added to make it big enough for my queen sized bed. I would have been so excited to see the fawn and it's mother. I'm sorry you weren't able to get the picture to share, but you will always have the memory in your mind's eye. Whenever I have ordered from Thousands of Bolts, I can't believe the speed. When I have ordered on Friday, I have received my merchandise on Monday. It is my favorite place to order from. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with with your baby quilt and the pink bargello leftovers. I'll bet that it will be adorable.

sewbeezy said...

Your two OC's are amazing!! Love the way you handled the borders on each. My OC is finished, but I have yet to take a picture of it. I used the leftover small blocks to make a wall hanging. I'm still working on the applique in the no picture of that either. Love reading your blog!

Pat H. said...

Love how you did your border on your 2nd OC. I like the colors too. Isn't it amazing how the 4 legged ones claim anything new on the floor.

The sunset is breathtaking.

Pat H.