Thursday, April 24, 2008

OC Progress

It is good to have all 142 blocks completed for the second step in the OC mystery & boy are they scrappy! I have never seen a poorly designed quilt from Bonnie so I have every confidence that our fearless leader has a plan to pull them all together with our chosen yardage colors & those are mine below.
I think it was only last week that I was congratulating myself on having organized all of my scraps, left overs & odd/ strange bits of fabric when I discovered, oh horrors another bin full! Well, it wasn't a HUGE bin but sort of a smaller medium size & since I had ever so briefly entertained the thought that surely I had more orphan blocks, I was not too surprised to find the "missing" orphans were also in that bin! I promptly set about cutting & sorting this other "found" fabric & now I am sure that is it- at least pretty sure!
I am continuing to work on the pink bargello in between longarming three QOV's -I didn't get but one pass done today, I had some necessary "chores" & didn't get to the LA until mid afternoon. then when I went to check the timing I discovered that there is a screw missing from the shaft, probably why the timing seemed off. In the morning I will call A-1 & ask them to send me a couple of spares & in the meantime I have tightened the other two screws as much as I can & "Ellie" is running just fine.


Eileen said...

Your OC blocks are as scrappy as mine are. Waiting for the next step.w

Kathy Wagner said...

Love your scrappy blocks! Great job!