Friday, April 4, 2008

Eve of Andrew & Lana's Big Day!

Minimal sewing today, I pressed my OC strips & cut them, rejecting a dozen or more for various reasons so back to the cutting board, more sewing; pressing not yet because I ran errands & picked up the little Yorkies to keep them out from underfoot till after Andrew & Lana's wedding tomorrow evening. I'll deliver them back home Sunday. I had either or both on my lap all evening, I think they are a little homesick. Little Fatty Patty Abby is happy to share the space with Jake but he's a 5 lb. Napoleon! That's Jake far left, can't you just tell ?! When I take them walking I think people assume the little ones are Button's pups because Aussie Terriers can look a lot like overgrown Yorkies- the Yorkies weigh in at 5-7 lbs, Button's ideal weight is 13[she's a bit over right now so we've switched to feeding low fat Evo]
Now that it is working for me I have been ringsurfing the mystery quilter's blogs & that's taken some of the evening , but I do have more than half of my 150 four patches sewn & they are REALLY scrappy & there are some 'eeeeuuuuuuwwww' fabrics there. I am hoping that 1.5" squares will disguise their ugliness-if a fabric is still ugly then I haven't cut it into small enough pieces, right? LOL! I'll post pics when I get all 150 done. I have at least enough strips left to make another 150 but I'll save them in case I want to use them in the borders.

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Sew Prim Khris said...

awww how cute are they!!! love them...hugs Khris