Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scraps,scraps & more scraps!

I have been down & out for a day or so with migraine but now that the worst is over I'm hoping to work my way back to full activity.

I am happy to report my progress towards "scrap control"! After persistently cutting for a total of many hours, all of my scraps are cut into the widths suggested on Bonnie's blog & anything larger than 6" has been set aside for other than strip use. Because my bureau drawers are so large I purchased small baskets from the Dollar Store to keep the different widths separated but I have yet to sort each width by light/dark/bright colors, that's a job for another time. There is also a basket of orphan blocks & now that they have all been revealed, I am surprised by the number & variation in size, style & color. I'm hoping that I will have inspiration for their use as I keep reminding myself that I paid the same amount for all of these scraps as I did for the yardage & the orphan blocks have the additional investment of my time for piecing them so it all deserves to be put to use instead of aging in the dark recesses of storage bins! I have discovered that unlike many wines fabric does not improve in taste with age, LOL. All the strips of pinks necessary are now cut & ready for a bargello a la Bonnie Hunter & I have barely any pink left in my stash, so although I won't go shopping for pink fabric I will be on the look out for lovely pink bargains! I have folded back the ends of the stacks to show some of the variation in tone, sufficient I hope to make definition of the ups & downs of the bargello. This will be a monotone quilt because the intended recipient is a 15 year old "pink addicted" girl. I really appreciate the clarity of Bonnie's directions, they are clear & detailed enough to leave no doubts without being unnecessarily verbose so I am sure that her first quilting book now in development, will be a winner.


gingerquilts said...

Love your pinks for your bargello. I've been wanting to make one "Bonnie" style myself. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Jenni (gingerquilts)

Candace said...

Your organization is inspiring and beautiful, I hope to do the same soon, although I don't think mine will look as neat. I'm a new blogger and have been tagged, and am passing it on if you are willing. They say if you want something done find someone busy, and if that applies, it looks like you would be a good choice. It is just 7 weird or random things about your self. The rules are on my blog:
http://wraggedypatches.blogspot.com/ By the way, your dog is adorable. Thank you, Candace

Katie said...

Migraine is the worst. Glad you're feeling better! Love your pinks. :-)