Saturday, April 12, 2008

Quilt class

Today we had a beginning quilting class at church & an enthusiastic group turned up to make a good start on their baby quilts. It's a nice simple pattern I designed to teach the basics & today we covered safe & accurate rotary cutting, piecing & squaring up the blocks. Everyone completed their 16 little blocks but I was too busy to remember to take pictures, however our faithful coordinator was snapping away I know & I will ask her to send me a couple of her photos. I went to the Mac Store with a Mac friend this afternoon & asked a lot of questions about moving from PC to Mac & checking my options for purchase in the near future. I am only slightly apprehensive about the possibility of this change-over, & I'm leaning heavily in that direction but still keeping my options open.This evening I finally completed the pieced borders on the Oriental Stack & Slash, which had been in UFO status since before Christmas. The borders were quite time consuming, making them fit nicely was a challenge I did not anticipate & I am happy to have it ready to quilt. I think I will put it on the longarm next, perhaps even Monday. It's for my niece in Australia & she admired the quilting on the original sample quilt in Australian Quilter's Companion which was very simply done on a DSM. I don't think that I want to copy that because it will require a stop & start in every little individual square & there are over 200 but I will probably try to figure out something resembling the original that can be continuously quilted. There are plants in pots in the backyard awaiting planting & I think it's important to get them in the ground so they can acclimate before the REAL heat sets in so that is on my agenda for tomorrow. This weekend was predicted to be the first to reach 90 degrees & I haven't heard whether or not we made it there yet, we all know it is inevitable unfortunately that the mercury will not stop there!


Catherine said...

What a gorgeous quilt! Really striking. For what it's worth, I made the jump from PC to a Mac just after Christmas and am so glad I did.

Gunn Torild said...

Wow, It was a beauty! From Gunn Torild