Thursday, January 24, 2008


I have two baby quilts made this week, the girl's labeled & bound the boy's ready to bind. They are for two new babies at our church. I have decided that I make so many I will call this my "baby quilt ministry!"
My Sudoku is on the table ready to bind & my mystery is..... well, one corner is still laid out on the table getting scrunched every time I need the space for something else! I don't have room for the entire quilt & the pieces won't stay on the design board without pinning so perhaps I'll just do one row at a time? Seems I read where one of the mystery quilters was going to do that.
Today I went to the Phoenix needlework & craft show with Sue & her mum Joan[who is visiting from Australia] At lunch I broke one of my front teeth, tragedy, really, I can't face the world like a snaggle toothed hag, so had to get it temporarily bonded until a permanent solution can be constructed, oh dear, more dental work! I had a little meltdown in the dentist chair, seems that Matthew's death has left me prone to weep at difficult times where once that would not have been so.
Today began with an almost sleepless night so perhaps I should be thankful that the worst that has happened is that I lost half a tooth? Is that a half full glass, I wonder............
I am meeting more & more delightful quilter's through Stashbusters & Bonnie's mystery-perhaps because Bonnie is such a dear she only attracts lovely people.
I want to join the quilter's blog ring but I'll need to ask how-I'm sure that we were told but I'm not always good at retaining information until I need it!
I was looking at my friend K's blog where she had a pic. of her daughter with her first quilting project & thinking about how I taught DGS Daniel to sew, first by hand & then on my 1940's Singer featherweight. He wants to make another quilt but his attention span isn't wonderful & after all he is a nearly 13 yr.old boy & needs activity!


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Sorry about the tooth stuff. I have been in my dentist's chair on a weekly basis for almost a year now. I have an ablsolute fear of the dentist. Comes from childhood, I think. But, after a lot of neglect, they are looking better and I think I'm gonna get to keep most of them....LOL
Hang in there. You are in my prayers.
Regina in MI

Sew Prim Khris said...

My thoughts are always with you Roslyn as they are with both our Matthew's....big hugsssss Khris

Nicole and Phil said...

ouch...that sounds painful, the dentist is not my favourite person!
Looking forward to seeing the quilts finished!
I haven't seen you join up on Squilters or QDU yet? Do you need the web pages again? You will meet some lovely ladies through there too!
I think of you often ((big hugs))