Saturday, January 26, 2008

Australia Day

When I first came to live in USA, I used to hang my big Aussie parade flag out front on January 26th, but I haven't done that in a long time. I have two good friends whose birthdays are today, & mine & two other friends will be Tuesday.
I got my mystery quilt laid out on the guest bed & Khris looked at the pic. & pointed out that I had an hour glass block turned around in one of the Ohio stars so I have just a little ripping to do!
I was hoping that some eagle eyed quilter would find any anomolies & someone did. I would have been irritated if I had already sewn the blocks together, though the Amish always put a mistake in their quilts because only God is perfect- I can always use that as an excuse for my errors!
Yesterday I finished up the second of two baby quilts & sewed the binding on the sudoku, just have to do the hand sewing & that will be the third UFO for 2008. Next I really want to quilt my oldest UFO, a KS Lover's Knot from 1986! I think I have finally decided how to quilt it & I'm planning on using the technique from Kim Stotsenberg's book "Just Leaf It".
Well, I did begin sewing the rows of blocks in the Mystery quilt , I think I have almost a third together & it's exciting to see it come together. I'm so very pleased that all my scrappiness looks as well as it does.
I had to stop to go to the movies with DH-I wouldn't recommend "Untraceable"-much too suspenseful, violent & graphic for me ,very scary, so much so that I kept leaving my seat to hang out in the lobby! Walt kept dozing off, at least for the first half. Wish I could have, LOL.


Jeanne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! From another quiltville stashbuster! Hope you have fun at the quiltshop! Enjoy the day!
Jeanne in VA

Sew Prim Khris said...

You know the only reason I saw it was because I had all mine around the wrong way until somebody else pointed it out and I had a lot of ripping to do...agghhhh...hugs Khris