Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My birthday

Last year it was very hard, Matthew never forgot, always called from wherever he was & I knew there would be no birthday phone call from him. This year, I have had another 12 months to live with this awful reality so I was better prepared for it. No less sad, but better able to cope.
Our "boys" & family all came for pizza & sushi Sunday to celebrate my birthday when everyone could be together. I have a beautiful new photo of Matt aged 3 [wearing Daddy's flight helmet circa 1971] in a wonderful frame with the scripture from Ecclesiastes, "To everything there is a season...." JW & Madeleine gave me that & of course I cried. Lucas & family have ordered an engraved cross for our memorial garden, which BTW, was a flood plain after all the rain because Walt has dug it out to put the pavers in.
Andrew & Lana gave me a gift cert. for a new camera, since mine went in the trash a week or so ago! Programmed obsolescence!
Today J took me to Tommy Bahamas for a lovely lunch, then a little retail therapy where we found some real bargains at J.Jill & Ann Taylor Loft. That's always good to cheer up a woman a bit, new clothes & at 70% off no less! And I had a gift certificate from JW & Mems from Christmas so it was even nicer! I wore two of my finds tonight to the sushi bar.
Kierland Commons was awash in police & other security because the Superbowl Teams are in town & staying at the resort there.
Then I went to the Pfaff store/QS-took my CC mystery quilt & picked up stop border & border fabric, also on sale & some light toned batiks [50% off] for the Bargello Bowl Sunday.
I'll get pics & post tomorrow. Maybe I'll even get a new camera so I can take pics whenever I need to!
I did stay up last night to finish setting the blocks on my mystery quilt-still have to press it, now won't that be fun all those little blocks! The ladies at the QS loved the quilt, couldn't believe I had that many fabrics in my scrap collection, if only they knew,LOL. They weren't keen to replicate the pattern though, too many postage- stamp sized pieces they said.

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Nicole and Phil said...

Happy Birthday!
I hope you get your camera soon, so I can see your lovely quilts you have been making!