Sunday, April 1, 2012

Show And Tell Quilting

Four of us had a productive day yesterday.

BJ showed her Easter swap blocks.......

and the Pineapple Blossom [Bonnie Hunter design] for a niece's wedding April 21st. BJ plans to have it all assembled and bordered to deliver to me tomorrow so I can get it quilted this week before I leave for Boston and MQX. It's a terrific quilt that looks very sparkly in batiks, and I have been wanting to make one so perhaps this will spur me on after I complete the current projects!

Alissa is working on these controlled scrappy blocks that she says are "dandelions."

Lauren worked on her "Less Than traditional" quilt, each circle is sewn top, batting and backing together, a finished piece.

Then they are joined like so, her first four blocks, isn't that interesting, looks for all the world like a Cathedral Window design.

Being QAYG, the back is already finished too and you make as many circles as you want until you get to the right size quilt for your purpose. There will be more on this and pictures as Lauren progresses, because we are all curious to see the finished product.

She also showed the first of three denim quilts for a deceased coworker's children, made from his clothing.

A close up of the picture in the center..........

and the intact jean's pocket for the child to store his treasures.

We all had to take a turn with the two little Yorkies belonging to my DS and DIL who are out of town for the weekend. Any time there was a vacant lap they were leaping up for some attention, caring not one bit if we were sewing or not!

These are my Craftsy BOM blocks for March just in time for release of the April block patterns.
I am using my batik stash for these.

If I show you these blocks I have to tell you that I sewed them together wrong three times, argh, that's a record and I was so frustrated that I "spat the dummy" or as BJ said, pitched an Aussie fit, accompanied by suitably unprintable language, LOL. In Australia "spit the dummy" refers to babies who are so frustrated they spit their pacifiers out so they can yell louder [ but in Aus. it's called a "dummy", don't ask me why!] BJ and Lauren both assisted in the un-sewing of these and the fourth time I managed to get them all sewn together correctly. BJ was so afraid of another Aussie fit that she paired the HST's in the correct format for me!

This is the pattern from Fons and Porter May/June 2008 magazine, and I collected the pink and brown fabrics some time ago. They are mostly Buggy Barn selection I think, and now finally I am making use of them.
This is part of my effort to pull out stash fabrics from a while back and use them up. They have aged long enough, LOL.


Linda said...

Beautiful quilts...I so enjoy seeing what you are working on!

Andee said...

wow on all of it! BJ's quilt is huge! I have sewn a table runner or two of the "Less than Traditional" years ago took a class on that with my Grandma Nan! In fact I just washed one this weekend.

Heather said...

thanks for sharing all these photos. lovely projects by all.