Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pink Bargello & Posh Bag

Here is half of the first column of the Pink Bargello the "up" part of a "hill". I could only show half the length in the photo. I have cut & sewn strips for 6 colums, that's 6 hills or ups & downs! I now realise[where was my math brain? It was on a migraine trip!] that 6 columns would make the quilt wider than long so I'm not sure if I will stick to the original 4 as in Bonnie's pattern & add a couple of borders or perhaps 4 & a half hills but how odd will that look?! I should have extended the length too but as I said my math brain was inop!The little gift bag is my version of a very cute bag I saw on Buttonberry I made mine an inch and a half larger each way to hold the gift I have for my Aussie friend Sue's b'day. We were supposed to go to Gooseberry's for tea Wednesday but I had to beg off & so we'll go next week. I did get some flowers planted in my little memorial garden a couple of hibiscus back by the fence. Walt has the fountain in & it looks too bare around it so I need to find some more plants!
I was surprised at how much work it is digging holes & planting, I was hot & weary before I finished. I hope to get to the plant store in the next day or two & choose some more flowering plants to fill in the around the edges of the yard, especially back by the fountain which has a light & looks & sounds very nice especially after dark. I'm pleased with it!

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