Professional Longarm Quilting

I love to quilt so much and I simply cannot keep enough of my own tops ready for the longarm so it makes sense that I would be quilting for others. As the heading above says, quilting keeps me sane so in addition to getting your quilts finished you will be contributing to my mental health! 
This is my A-1 Elite longarm quilting machine which is mounted on a 14ft. table allowing me to quilt very large quilts.
A vintage Missouri Daisy quilt.
 I have been quilting since the 1970's and became serious about it after moving to Phx. AZ in the '80's. My first longarm machine was a Gamill in 2001, and in 2007 upgraded to the A-1 Elite.
I have a fast turn around, often only a couple of weeks or a month at most. Occasionally I am able to fit in a quilt immediately or within a week in an emergency!

Charges for quilting range from:

two cents/sq.inch for all over freehand designs and pantographs

two and a half cents/sq.inch for semi custom [e.g.separate borders]

three cents/sq.inch and up for more detailed quilting, ruler work, separate blocks, and heirloom quilting.

Calculating the size/charge for your quilt:

For example:

 a 75 x 90" quilt all over freehand, including freehand feathers or pantograph, multiply the length by the width, 75 x 90 = 6,750sq.inches x .02cents = $135.

Please email me for more information/accurate pricing. Each quilt is different and it may be helpful to talk about your desires by phone, I will be happy to chat with you and meet with you, no obligation entailed. I do not charge extra for thread, that is all included in the quilting charge.

For a small charge, $5 for three lines, I also offer embroidered labels, either separate, sewn on the back or embroidered directly on front or back. More detailed labels are also possible for an additional charge.

I stock several kinds of batting including Quilter's Dream 70/30, QD polyester, Dream Angel flame retardant and Dream Wool, Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 all at below retail prices, or you are welcome to supply your own, but I do not work with Fairfield batting, it is too fragile for the longarm.

I return out of state quilts usually by UPS insured/signature required, as the most reasonable and dependable service but you may request a different delivery system. UPS average charge is $20-$25.

There are many examples of my work on my Phanfare website:
My preference is freehand quilting but I do use pantographs on occasion and have quite a few designs from which to choose. My quilting has won ribbons and my work is well regarded by my clients.
I love what I do and would enjoy exploring with you your longarm quilting needs.

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Melanie said...

Impressive! I didn't know there was such a thing as "long arm quilting," so thanks for broadening my horizons!