Saturday, December 5, 2020

The Minkee Cabin Quilt

 A full size quilt for a four year old boy. His mom found the design on Pinterest and I discovered that the only fabric available was a custom order from Spoonflower. After a lot of searching their website I did find it and ordered a couple of yards. This is on my CK bed.

It was a new experience and I always learn a lot from trying a different technique. I sewed the borders on and loaded the backing then outline SID for the blocks . No batting, all that minkee made it quite heavy enough! I continued the lines from the center out to the borders on each side. The hardest part was the binding, it was quite challenging! There is no need for much quilting in this instance, no batting to worry about and minimal seams either. 
                             But this little fellow seems very happy with his gift, it was his birthday!

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Andee Neff said...

Very cute! Looks cuddly!